ARTIFICIAL is an exhibition with work from the Media Technology MSc in Leiden.

Feb 2016
Feb 2016
11:00 to 17:00
location: V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL, Rotterdam

‘ARTIFICIAL’ is the global theme for this year’s semester project of the  Media Technology MSc program in Leiden. From this global theme multiple sub- themes are derived: artificial architecture, artificial gravity, artificial nature, artificial reality, artificial self, artificial stability, artificial X and authenticity. The students of the program work in groups of mostly three, each with their own sub-theme.

First of all the students are asked to explore their theme in the broadest sense (social, mathematical, biological, etc) and discover what it could possibly relate to. After gaining sufficient insight they formulate compelling statements related to the theme. Only once this stage is completed they translate their statements into an installation. Together these installations form the semester project exhibition ‘Artificial’.

Media Technology MSc
At the Media Technology MSc program students are encouraged to develop a creative approach towards science. Students are educated to translate their personal interests and inspiration into research projects. We’re open to unusual questions, unconventional research methods and other forms of scientific output besides written articles. This includes installations, games and books as a possible result from scientific research. The semester project is a good example of our approach: students are asked to translate their statement into a work that functions within an exhibition context.

Opening hours
February 26–28, 12:00–18:00. Admission is free of cost.

Opening ceremony
Thursday, February 25th at 17:00h.


Brandi Rose, Jeroen van Oorschot, Pieter Rohrbach
Architecture is everywhere and all around us. We are used to architecture that separates and restricts our interactions with others. This archi- tecture is in place to suit our personal needs; the roof provides shel- ter from the rain, the stairs help us get to the next floor, and the bath- room door provides privacy. What happens when the architectural properties that fulfill these needs disappear?

InterdimensIonal Gravity
Xander Bos, Danyi Liu, Maarten Lodewijk
In order to understand the universe’s fundamental forces such as gravity, we need to understand that gravity works within dimensions that are ungraspable to humans, and that tampering with gravity might have larger consequences than we might initially think. Actions on a microscopic scale can have a huge influence on a macroscopic scale.

The Crowbar
Maarten van Hees, Marieke Paardekoper, Sophie Rust
Language gives us the ability to de- scribe the things we see around us. The spoken word allows us to grant existence to objects and concepts. But how much are these definitions worth? Language is fluid, it continuously changes. This means our definitions are constantly challenged, obfuscating existence of nature itself. Experience this feeling in The Crowbar, where nothing is what it seems.

Science Says...
Manolis Fragiadakis, Nana Tian, Nesse van der Meer
How much do you really know of the world around you? How did you come to understand these things? Can you really be sure of what you know if someone else discovered and examined it for you? We invite you to our exhibition where we show you that sometimes, something need not be true just because science says so...

Clear Is the new black
Jasper Schelling, Dagmar Geerlings
What happens when your previous experiences are not filling in the flavour of a drink? Let us not only improve what has been done, but re-imagine existing conceptions. This is coffee 2.0.

Donna Schipper, Jelger Kroese, Lise Stork
The emotions we express affect our mental state and personal interactions. Uniform presents state-of-the-art wearable technology that allows you to control these aspects of your life. Correcting inconsistency in your expression helps you to convey a constant open and positive appearance. It facilitates stable and effective communication, and a positive mental state. Wear Uniform to experience the future of communication.

Double U
Sander de Bont, Sam van Tienhoven, Thiago Elid
Have you ever experienced seeing yourself from a distance? We think our mind is firmly rooted inside our body, but in reality this connection is weaker than you might think. Double U tries to break this connection and give you an experience you won’t easily forget. Are you ready to meet your artificial self?

The Game Is on!
Cors Brinkman, Paulina Kozłowska, Gleb Satyukov
Since the moment we are born, we can only lose our authenticness. Come and find out how much authenticity you have left. And... maybe win some back! Ready to continue? Win or lose, what does it mean in the fight against others?

Paling Funk
Felipe Astolfi, Matei Szabo, Roland van Dierendonck
When do we call something “original”, if everything is a mix of different influences? Where do the origins of ideas lie, and who owns them? In the old town of Volendam, you are confronted with such questions. Join us on our search for the real story behind the underground music scene of Paling Funk.

Side Program
To be announced.

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