Balance Unbalance

Balance-Unbalance is an annual international conference about art and design as catalysts to explore the intersections between nature, science, technology and society.

Sep 2018
Sep 2018
08:00 to 18:00
location: Various locations in Rotterdam

Every year, the focus is on one or more major current challenges surrounding the ecological crisis and discipline-transcending cooperation. BunB 2018 will be hosted September 20th and 21st 2018 by The Patching Zone and partners in Rotterdam, at HNI (conference) and V2_, Lab For the Unstable Media (exhibition). 

The BunB 2018 theme revolves around New Value Systems; Sustainability and social impact as drivers for value creation. This theme will be shaped in the conference morning sessions by 4 splendid international keynote speakers who will take us on a big picture journey to learn about the construction of alternative economies (Brett Scott, UK); How the (ecological) crisis could work as a game changer for transitions (prof. Derk Loorbach, DRIFT, NL); The need for unusual collaborations for climate resilience in area’s with ecological disasters (Fleur Monasso, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, NL); The hidden ecological impact of our consumer life (Babette Porcelijn, NL).  

The Friday morning keynotes are supplemented with two special selected papers: Wetland Wander (Suzon Fuks & James Cunningham and via skype Fernanda Adame, Prof. Leah Barclay, AU) and an introduction to the Eco-coin (Lewis Just, NL).   
The morning sessions are followed by the afternoon program with papers, artist statements, workshops and panels where we’ll zoom in on specific sub-topics. 

Programme Balance-Unbalance2018  at V2_

Thursday 20 September
17:30: Keepers: rainforest Lab&Kitchen event by Cascoland (NL)

19:30:  opening & guided tour exhibition Semantic sustainability graphs: Heath Bunting (UK),  Birds on the Move; the impact of climate change on bird species; Angela Davies (UK), Psithaura: Evan Tedlock (US), Ntrallazzu 3; Leonardo Vieira Feichas (PT), Marcello Messina (BR), My Personal Shopper is a Second Hand Robot; Gaspard Bos, Fako Berkers, Jan Misker (NL), Above 8, Rob MacKay, John Wedgwood Clarke(UK) 

Friday 21 September: 19:30 expo open.

19:30 Expo open, 
20:00 Presentation: Solar Streamboxes, Grant Smith, Soundcamp (UK)   
20:30 Talk and performance: Ntrallazzu 3; Leonardo Vieira Feichas (PT), Marcello Messina (BR) 
21:00 Performance: Above 8, Rob MacKay, John Wedgwood Clarke (UK) 

The artists will also talk about their work in the conference (papers and artist statements) on Thursday and Friday afternoon at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

For more information and the full BunB2018 programme: https://www.balance-unbalance2018.org

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