Blowup: New Materials, New Methods, Day I

An evening combining a workshop with talks on new materials and new methods. A massive ship made of ice was the dream of the 1940s, what is the impossible dream for new materials today?

Nov 2014
19:00 to 21:00
location: V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

V2_'s research into Innovation in Extreme Scenarios was inspired in part by the amazing but true story of Geoffrey Pyke and his dream to build an aircraft carrier made of a special kind of ice that he had invented. This was not Pyke's only grand project, he was widely acknowledged as an eccentric but brilliant innovator who contributed to many aspects of society. The British Security Service (MI5) has recently declassified a treasure trove of information about Pyke and his contributions to the Allies' efforts in WWII. British writer Henry Hemming has written a new biography of Pyke based on these new revelations and on unlimited access to his archive. In researching this book, Hemming discovered evidence of a method for innovation that Pyke followed, and it is this method we will explore in a workshop on "How to Pyke". As part of the workshop we'll also hear about the contemporary uses for this intriguing material, from team members who made the Pykrete Dome (the world's largest ice dome) possible.

Contributors: Henry Hemming (author: Churchill's Iceman) | Pykrete Dome team (Roel Pluijmen and Jorrit Hijl)

Attendance is free, but spaces are limited and pre-registration is required, email mk@v2.nl to secure your place.

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