Boat Trip

On this boat trip through the Rotterdam harbor, the DEAF98/Nighttown program "The Sound of Impact" gave several artists and musicians the opportunity to explore each others domain and style.

Boat Trip

Boat Trip

Nov 1998
Nov 1998
21:00 to 00:00
location: Boompjeskade, Boompjeskade

Text by Solidrockboosters for their performance:

"Multiple projections, world domination, music, rhythm, sequences, patterns, unreal, unreal video, unreal audio, real time, virtual, audiences, dance, beats, images, violin, in-your-face poetry, no samples, only duplicates, beginning, no policy, 0 1, Idi Amin, windmills, real film, haiku, blue, cycles, live, show, implosions, and we all see what we wanna see, less, affecting them, solid, sirens, screams, hate, love, fear, anger, envy, who ever, wipe, mirrored, backwards, intercourse, energy, streaming, stories, layered within 1 frame, 1 game, 0 bpm, everyone gets everything.

As a follow-up to our previous installation 'Update Folklore and Landscape' -- representing Dutch culture through 'hardcore gabbers' in 3D modeled contemporary Dutch landscapes and traditional Delfts Blue - we started performing with Dutch hardcore dj DIONE. In these performances the theme of the installation was further explored. For instance, the image language specific to 'gabber' culture was visualised by 3d computer animations and the Delfts Blue was reduced to its color and iconography.

The performances combine a live mix of hardcore house / hard trance with projected 3D animations, computer enhanced found footage, live recorded video images and sound generated digital images from multiple computers.
Each performance is different and varies with the setting in which it takes place: open air, theaters, a film festival and so on.

As the SOLIDROCKETBOOSTERS we - Arno Coenen, Rene Bosma, dj DIONE and sometimes guests - perform this sparkling hardcore vj/dj show. Since August 1997 we have performed many times both in Holland and abroad."

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