Book Launch In Defence of Serendipity (Sebastian Olma)

On Friday March 31 we celebrate the launch of Sebastian Olma's book 'In Defence of Serendipity'.

Mar 2017
18:00 to 21:00

Sebastian Olma
Joke Hermes
Paul Frissen
Max Dovey

In Defence of Serendipity is a lively and buccaneering work of investigative philosophy, treating the origins of ‘serendipity, accident and sagacity’, as riddles and philosophical concepts that can be put to a future political use.

Taking in Aristotle, LSD, Tony Blair, techno-mysticism and the sharing economy, Olma challenges the prevailing faith in the benevolence of digital technology and rejects the equation of innovation with entrepreneurship. He argues instead that we must take responsibility for the care of society’s digital infrastructure and prevent its degeneration into an apparatus of marketing and finance. The alternative is a situation in which the only kind of freedom that remains to us is the freedom to be exploited.

Sebastian Olma is an Amsterdam-based author, critic, and sometime consultant with a critical view on creative industries policies. He is Professor of Autonomy at the Centre for Art, Design & Technology, Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda, The Netherlands. Trained in a variety of social sciences and humanities at universities in Germany, the US, and Great Britain, he holds a PhD in cultural sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London. He’s worked at the University of Amsterdam and was research fellow at the Institute of Network Culture.

Paul Frissen is Professor of Public Administration at Tilburg University. He has published widely on political philosophy and the state. He is also dean and chairman of the board of the Netherlands School for Public Administration. Amongst his books are De fatale staat (2013), on the reconciliation with tragedy that is often necessary in politics and Het geheim van de laatste staat (2016), a fundamental critique on the longing for transparency.

Joke Hermes works as a lecturer Media, Culture and Citizenship at Hogeschool Inholland and is a lecturer Television and Cross-media Culture at the University of Amsterdam. She is a founding co-editor of the European Journal of Cultural Studies. As an audience researcher she focuses on discourse analysis and participant design research. She has published widely in the field of media, (popular) culture, identity, representation and social power relations. Her dissertation on reading women's magazines is a classic text in qualitative audience research. She is also co-author of the textbooks Televisiestudies (with Maarten Reesink) and Leefwerelden van Jongeren (with Pauline Naber and Arjan Dieleman, ed.).

Max Dovey [UK] is 28.3% man, 14.1% artist and 8.4% successful. His performances confront how computers, software, and data affect the human condition. Specifically he is interested in how the meritocracy of neo-liberal ideology is embedded in technology and digital culture. He holds a MA in Media Design & Communication from Piet Zwart institute and a BA in Fine Art : Time Based Media from University Arts London. His research is in “liveness” and real-time computation in performance and theatre.

This event starts at 20.00h, bar will be opened until 23.00h. Entrance fee is 3 EUR and includes one free drink. The entrance fee is payable by cash or pin.

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