Book Launch: Real Projects for Real People

Two years after the start of The Patching Zone, founder Anne Nigten decided that it is time for an overview of the organization and all its projects so far. This resulted in the book ‘Real Projects for Real People, volume 1’, that will be presented at ‘t Gemaal in Rotterdam.

Oct 2010
15:30 to 20:30
location: 't Gemaal, Pretorialaan 141, Rotterdam

The Patching Zone and TENT would like to invite you for the book presentation, discussion, demonstrations and networking event of:

Real Projects for Real People Volume 1

The first copy of the book will be handed out to Dominic Schrijer (City Council Rotterdam)

This will be followed by lectures and discussions around two chapters of the book; making as research and playing as research. The debate focuses on making and playing as research in urban transformations processes, while this will be connected with our practice by the demonstrations and work in progress presentation. 

In the first chapter of the book the transdisciplinary working method of the organization is explained. This so-called ‘processpatching’method is developed by Anne Nigten and forms the basis of all the Patching Zones projects. But the book offers more than a theoretical theme. Matching the working method of The Patching Zone, this book came about with contributions of a large number of (former-)employees and team members. Not only does this offer the reader a richly illustrated overview of all the projects so far, but the book also gives a good insight into the thinking and working processes during the projects. The technical details that were important for the realization of the projects are also covered. Through interviews readers get to know a number of team members and stakeholders and their vision on the meaning of The Patching Zone.

The book Real Projects for Real People Volume 1, is especially relevant for researchers, scholars, makers and educators who are interested in a collaborative practice in the field of creative industry and technology. 

You can order your copy in the V2_ online store.


Special Guests (among others):

  • Jeanne van Heeswijk (Artist, works with community-projects) 
  • Arjen Mulder (author, representative of V2_ publishing ) 
  • Henk Oosterling (Erasmus University, faculty of Philosophy, Skill City) (t.b.c.)
  • Nick van den Berg, (IT-specialist OBR. Glazen Maas) (t.b.c)
  • Bas van Heur (Arts & Social sciences, Maastricht University)
  • Alex Adriaansens, (Director V2_)  
  • Michiel de Lange (Mobile city) 
  • Ingrid Mulder (associate professor design technique TUDelft) 
  • Jan Konings (Designer public spaces)

Kristina Andersen, Sam Nemeth, Vivian Wenli Lin, Andreas Zingerle, Kevin Brito, Anne Nigten and many more Patching Zone members via online video chats.

Host: Michel van Dartel

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