City One Minutes and the Patchingzone

3rd i program: presentations by Sophie Leferink, Jos Houweling and Anne Nigten.

City One Minutes and the Patchingzone

Go For It, the Patchingzone

Sep 2010
18:00 to 20:00
location: MK Gallery, Witte de Withstraat 53, Rotterdam

V2_ hosted a special China programme at MK Gallery during the 3rd i exhibition with presentations on Wednesday and Friday starting at 20.00, entrance free.

City One Minutes

Sophie Leferink and Jos Houweling (NL)

24 one-minute videos that together show the life of one day in more than a 100 cities from all over the globe. The installation itself is on show at the MK Gallery during the entire exhibition. The presentation will end with a dj session with songs from all over the world.




Anne Nigten (NL) 

The Patchingzone (PZ) is a transdisciplinary laboratory for innovation where Master, doctor, post-doc students and professionals from different backgrounds create meaningful content with creative use of high-tech materials, digital media and/or information technology.


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