Performance of the CodeZebra project at DEAF03.


Sara Diamond: Code Zebra

Feb 2003
Feb 2003
23:00 to 23:00
location: Pakhuis Las Palmas, Wilhelminakade 66 (Kop van Zuid)

During DEAF03, on two occasions, two people – one artist and one scientist – will be locked up together for 24 hours in a dedicated space called Habituation Cage, situated on the rooftop of the exhibition building. Here they will enter into a dialogue with each other and discuss all kinds of subjects that are related to the festival’s theme, such as “the body as a collection of data”. These discussions will be streamed via the Internet and can also be watched on a projection screen in the exhibition lounge. Visitors may listen to the discussions and contact the participants via the Internet to contribute to the debate.


CodeZebra Habituation Cages

Join Sara Diamond and her locked-up international guests and moderators at www.codezebra.net as they debate, play and invent. What happens when curious interrogators, opponents or collaborators are locked up together? Will they flirt, shift shape, and cannibalize each others identities? Will they invent something that can make our troubled world a better place?

During DEAF, 2003, CodeZebra will place multidisciplinary pairs of artists and scientists together in a beautiful but closed cage for twenty-four hour periods. We will ask them to solve scientific, technological and related ethical questions problems, invent something new, entertain us with a stream of great next ideas. We will provide them with toys, games, media and design tools; things to read and watch and each other. They will have surveillance tools, a constant video stream out and in; access to the Internet; the CodeZebra OS, a web based visual chat that enables conversations between different individuals and groups on the Internet; good food and a great view.

The public is invited to monitor and interact throughout each day (24/7), via CodeZebra and DEAF03 web streams, asking the locked up duo questions, discussing issues with them, providing them with new problems to solve. Of course, all of this plays out against the current global political and cultural trauma.

Expert moderators will join them and the public at frequent intervals to prompt and play. There will be broadband coverage and interaction every four hours when reality television video documentarian Victoria Mapplebeck (creator of Smart Hearts) enters the habituation cages.


Tuesday, February 25, 17:00 p.m. to Wednesday, February 26, 17:00 p.m.:

PAUL WONG--video artist, curator, performance artist, On Edge, Canada
NINA WAKEFORD--ethnographer, mobile technologies expert, University of Surrey, GB

--Surveillance, its pleasures and terrors
--Technologies of body and mind that create distance and proximity
--Multiple identities in forced and chosen intimacies, in the spaces of the net and web
--Performance--near and far
--Desire, its technologies and mediations
--Actions on the terror, danger and power of mobility
--Being locked up
--Mutual ethnography--race, gender, desire, counter-cultures

Thursday, February 27th, 10 a.m to Friday, February 28th, 10 a.m.:

MARY FLANAGAN -- games design, chaos theorist, USA
TOM DONALDSON -- inventor, intelligent systems expert, engineer, GB

--The process of invention
--Chaotic systems
--Personalization--computer virology and biology of surveillance
--Evolutionary systems--intelligence, human, animal and machine
--Carbon versus silicon
--What can the presence and decay of the biological provide us with
--The ethics of inventing life forms
--You both like games--playing and invention

Watch for interventions by moderators:
Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskew--Aboriginal cultural producer, theorist, performance artist
Mark Tribe--Creator of Rhizome, Internet theorist
Erik Kluitenberg--Internet activist, theorist and educator
Nat Muller--collaborations expert Nina Czegledy--curator and biotech theorist
Machiko Kusahara--robotics and mobile culture theorist and inventor
Steve Marsh--inventor of socially adept technologies

Thursday, February 27th, from 8 p.m.:

CodeZebra dinner party


Dutch text / Nederlands

Tijdens DEAF03 zullen op het dak van gebouw waar de tentoonstelling plaatsvindt, twee maal twee mensen – kunstenaars en wetenschappers – vierentwintig uur lang met elkaar opgesloten worden in een speciale ruimte, de Habituation Cage. Daar gaan zij met elkaar in dialoog en discussiëren ze over allerlei onderwerpen die verwant zijn aan de thematiek van het festival, zoals “het lichaam als verzameling data.” Deze gesprekken worden gestreamd via het internet en geprojecteerd in de lounge van de tentoonstelling. Bezoekers van de tentoonstelling kunnen de discussies volgen en via internet de deelnemers aanspreken en zich op die manier mengen in de discussie.

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