Community Meat Up

On Friday June 10 V2_ will host the ‘Community Meat Up’. A special edition of our 'Community Meet Up'. During this event we will present work from Isaac Monté, Emilie van Spronsen, Mandy den Elzen, Marloes Haarmans and The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal. The evening is curated by Daisy Thijssen.

Jun 2016
15:00 to 20:00


17.00 - 17.30 Walk in
17.30 - 18.30 Talks
18.30 - 22.00 Expo & Drinks

We invite you to come down to join the discussion and see the work of the artists while enjoying a drink an a My Little Pony Burger prepared by The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal.

Community Meat Up

On average the Dutch consume around 3 kilograms of meat per month each. Yearly we slaughter up to half a billion animals. Only 30% of this meat makes it to the Dutch market, the other 70% of the meat is shipped abroad where it reaches approximately 96 million people.

Besides the half a billion animals we slaughter for profit there is even more meat at our disposal, meat that we are unaware off. Wildlife is killed by accident or shot because they create a nuisance, deer or wild boar are hit by motor vehicles, geese that live around Schiphol airport are shot for the safety of the planes and its passengers, old race horses who can not race anymore are killed as are muskrats who damage our dykes and embankments and American crayfish who overpower the European crayfish in our ditches, rivers and canals; all this meat is simply disposed off.

The Netherlands ranks as one of the five wealthiest countries in the world, still there are approximately 35.000 households who are dependant on the Dutch food banks for survival. This dependence coexists with the fact that the rest of the Dutch population throws away up to 20% of the food that they purchase.

Isaac Monté, Emilie van Spronsen, Mandy den Elzen, Marloes Haarmans  and The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal will use their art to provide comments and/or insights into alternative systems for the use of waste meat. We will address questions like ‘Why does an average Dutch dinner have to contain meat?’, Where does this desire for and overconsumption of meat come from?’ and ‘Why do we eagerly consume pigs and cows but shreek at the idea of consuming veal or horse?

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