Connected Archives - Expert Meeting

Expert meeting at DEAF07 about digital archives for media culture and media art.

Connected Archives - Expert Meeting

photo: Jan Sprij

Apr 2007
08:00 to 11:00
location: Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Mediapark

As technology-inspired art is gaining more widespread acceptance, documentation of the rich and diverse media art histories is becoming increasingly important. Worldwide, many groups and organizations are developing online databases and archival portals about media art and culture.

This expert meeting wants to bring together an international group of archivists and developers in the field of electronic art and media culture, in order to facilitate exchange of expertise about current work-in-progress. A closed roundtable discussion in the morning will provide an opportunity for in-depth discussion of shared research questions. In smaller groups, participants are invited to inform each other about current developments about the following areas:

1) Tools and models.
Which types of software (content management systems, archival software) are in use or being developed by archival initiatives? Is it possible to formulate shared requirements for such tools? Where do features of the various software systems overlap? What are the main pitfalls in the development and usability of such systems? Which metadata models or information architectures are currently under development? How are they similar and different?

2) Terms and connections.
What is the state of the art in current development of thesauri, keyword lists, glossaries? Who is working on scope notes and definitions? Is collaboration in this area possible, taking the difficult problem of multilinguality into account?

In the afternoon, a public presentation will summarize the findings of the morning sessions and will offer a series of demonstrations that showcase several examples of good practice in the field of media culture archives.

Organized by DeBalie, Portsmouth University, ISEA and V2_, in collaboration with Virtueel Platform, the Daniel Langlois Foundation, DOCAM and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

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