Connective Tools

Series of lectures and workshop as part of the Urban Strategies - Urban Agency program on the topic of networked tools of communication and artistic creation and new forms of collaboration in art, design and industry.

Connective Tools

Siegfried Zielinski, John Thackara and Michiel Schwartz at Connective Tools

Nov 1999
20:30 to 20:30
location: Zaal de Unie, Mauritsweg 34. Rotterdam.

Electronic networks connect more and more workplaces, meeting rooms, concert halls and all sorts of machinery. In this way they form a new social and cultural territory in which acting and co-operating are no longer tied to a specific place.

'Connective Tools' are instruments for communication and creative exchange, which are based on net network technologies. They bring about new possibilities for co-operation and thus also new forms of artistic work. During this evening a number of such 'Connective Tools' will be presented. Their cultural and aesthetic possibilities will be elucidated and we discuss how these possibilities can be used by artists who want to go beyond pure functionality.

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