Contradictions / Indecisions

"Contradictions / Indecisions: a treatise to dispel myths about the creative act" is an installation-performance by Judith Blankman.

Contradictions / Indecisions

Swing and Trough; picture: Judith Blankman

May 1992
location: De Fabriek, Baarsstraat 38, Eindhoven

This installation/performance was built for an alternative space in a former factory in Holland. Moving play structures made acoustic sounds resembling industrial machinery, when activated by performers and audience members, to comprise a treatise comparing art with industry and play with work. Text written on the walls in Dutch and English chant the "myths about the creative act," as a means of purging them from my mental chatterbox.

Make it Contextual. Make it Personal. Make it Political.
Give it Social Significance. Add Meaning.
Mock the Art Establishment. No, mimic the Art Establishment.
Make it Mainstream. Make it Expensive. No, make it Cheap.
Make it Big. Keep it Simple.
Make it Understandable. No, keep it Mysterious.
Add Nuance and Complexity. Add Depth and Significance.
Make Sense. No, be Elusive.
Make it Important. MAKE HISTORY.
Make it Public. Make it Private. Make it Narrative.
Make it Inter-disciplinary. Make it Site-specific, no, make it Site-generated.
Make it Hi-Tech, make it Low-Tech, make it No-Tech.
Make it Pristine, make it Funky. Give it Humor. No, you must be Serious.
Make it Fun. No, you must Suffer.
Make it Dangerous. No, we have no Liability Insurance.
Make it Participatory. Ditto on the Insurance.
Make it Sarcastic. No, make it Witty.
Make it Smart, no, make it Fresh.
Make it Intellectual. No, make it Emotional.
Make it an Experience. Create a Spectacle.
Make a Fool of Yourself.

Wood, fabric, water, file folders,

documents, gravel and wire cable.

Dimensions: 12 ft. H x 45 ft. W x 45 ft. L


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