CREW: Terra Nova

DEAF2012 presents a new live art project by CREW, which combines a theatrical performance and a visual experience into an immersive adventure.

CREW: Terra Nova

event picture by Jan Sprij

May 2012
May 2012
location: De Gouvernestraat, Rotterdam


Terra Nova is a live art project combining a theatrical performance, a visual experience and an immersive adventure. A narrative guides 55 visitors through a physical and mental experience. Central to this narrative are the functioning of the brain and the metaphor of explorer R. F. Scott's dramatic trip to the South Pole. Moving from theatrical scenes into immersive experiences, audience members will become part of a bizarre expedition taking place in their own brains.

Crew is a company that operates on the border between art and science and between performance art and new technology. The Terra Nova concept was developed by the multimedia artist Eric Joris. The text was written by Flemish writer, playwright and poet Peter Verhelst and read by actor Robby Cleiren. Eric Joris and actor/director Stef De Paepe were responsible for the storyboard and stage direction.

 In collaboration with Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

Terra Nova Crew - DEAF 2012 from DanaV on Vimeo.

Video by Dana Verbaan and Maite Klis, part of the DEAF2012 Video Presentations by AV3 (Audio Visual) student team from Willem de Kooning Academy.

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