Cross Realities

An evening on Art & Augmented Reality, part of 'A Crash Course in Art & Media Technology', a series of four events examining the intersection of art, technology, science and society.

Sep 2020
19:00 to 23:00
location: V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media

This section of the crash course looks at the long history of artists working with and reflecting on augmented reality technology. While V2_ has been conducting active research on this topic for decades, it’s only in the last couple of years that their application has become mainstream, in areas from games to military combat, surgery to shopping. Discover how art has helped shape the domain of augmented reality and join the continuing dialogue around the merging of analog and digital realities.

To help us with this we have invited special guests:

Jan Misker portrait

Jan Misker

Jan Misker is a project manager in the V2_Lab. He is responsible for managing aRt&D projects that have a strong technical aspect, for example involving Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality. In this capacity he bridges artistic concepts to the latest technological developments. Projects he lead include a wide range of artworks, science collaborations, the Summer Sessions network for Talent Development, and curating and coordinating art exhibitions. Prior to his appointment at V2_ Jan worked as a researcher in the field of Man Machine Interaction. Jan holds an MSc in Cognitive Science and Engineering. During this event Jan will present work and research from the V2_Lab & archive.

Sander Veenhof

Sander Veenhof

For artist Sander Veenhof (NL, 1973) the phenomenon of augmented reality is not just about virtual appearances or layers of information in the world around us, it's about how we're becoming part of the semi-digital ecosystem. Through the creation of prototypes he explores aspects of this future scenario. Fortunately, his AR projects are in stark contrast to the smooth and perfect AR future sketched in concept videos from Silicon Valley. In the past he tweaked his reality by creating GPS-based AR. Nowadays his works come to life through AR glasses and through interactive Zoom filters. In his presentation he will be talking about his artistic practice in relation to the past, present and future of AR.

Carolien Teunisse

Carolien Teunisse

Carolien Teunisse is an Utrecht based visual media artist. With her work she aims to discover interesting dialogues that occur between different types of media, merging realities and between humans and technology by using projection and sensing devices to create installations and immersive (live) experiences. She is a member and co-founder of DEFRAME, a collective of visual artists whose focus lies on audiovisual installations and live visual performances. She is also co-founder of Creative Coding Utrecht, organizing meetups, workshops and other events around using programming for artistic and creative purposes. She has a bachelor's degree in Digital Video Design from the HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht, and a masters degree in Media Technology from Leiden University. This evening Carolien will present some of her own work and talk about her experiences of AR in her artistic research and practice.



Practical and Tickets

19.00-23.00h (Talks start at 19.30, please be on time)
V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam
Due to current circumstances, only a limited number of visitors are able to attend this event in the V2_Space, so make sure to book your combi-tickets as soon as possible!
V2_ follows a Covid-19 protocol. Please read it before visiting us.
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