CyberStudio / Future Moves 2

Workshop, part of DEAF98.

Nov 1998
Nov 1998
10:00 to 22:00
location: V2_Lab, Eendrachtsstraat 10

Organized in collaboration with the Lantaren/Venster theater in connection with one of DEAF98's presentations: the multimedia performance Jet Lag by Diller and Scofidio. For five days the team behind this performance held specialist master classes and gave demonstrations. Each member, from his or her expertise, elaborated on aspects such as the work process, development of material, the confusion of tongues which had to be overcome and the final result.

The Diller and Scofidio team is an unconventional collaboration of video artists, computer specialists, architects, a dramaturgist, actors and a director. Besides the Jet Lag crew, the programme featured guest speaker Sher Doruff. She also commented on the production and application of interactive installations in theatrical and dance performances. Analogous to the composition of the Diller and Scofidio crew the CyberStudio offered theater makers the opportunity to work together with makers/artists from other disciplines on ideas and concepts related to theater and (new) media. The performance served as a case for the workshop.

Every morning, taking the perspective of one specialist, a demonstration was given of how the elements of a multimedia performance came to be. This was illustrated with materials from previous collaborations, performances and projects. Work methods, technical details, work processes and development of materials were openly discussed. The afternoon programme consisted of hands-on sessions where participants could work in teams on predefined assignments.

The workshop was concluded with the performance of Jet Lag as a practical example of a multidisciplinary collaboration and with a discussion of the materials and concepts for multimedia theater that were produced by the workshop participants over the previous four days.

Futures Moves II (1998) from V2_ on Vimeo.

Number of participants: 12 Background of participants: theater, architecture, media art, music, choreography/dance, writers Workshop leaders: Lantaren/Venster: Klazien Brummel, Dick Hollander Co-ordination: V2_Lab

Monday 16 november:
Elizabeth Diller + Ricardo Scofidio /multimedia installations
Sher Doruff/ interactive installations in theater spaces

Tuesday 17 november:
Jessica Chalmers/ writing for multimedia theatre

Wednesday 18 november:
James Gibbs/ digital representation of architectural space

Thursday 19 november:
Peter Norrman en Amber Lasciak/ pre-recorded and live video images in theatre performances

Friday 20 november:
Marianne Weems/ producing and directing multimedia theatre

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