Da Jungl Networking

A music program at DEAF96, featuring Jungle-DJs.

Sep 1996
location: Nighttown

In 1996, exciting developments in contemporary music took place in jungle. This music's main feature is the lack of monotonous beats which have been replaced by the continuously changing rhythm of snare drums, laying the basis for a variety of instruments and vocals that only occasionally rise above the violent percussion. In 1996, jungle was a mainly European school which originated in the black community in London. Roughly speaking jungle has developed along two important lines. One is the line that runs from the West-Indies from two-tone, ska, reggae, raggamuffin to jungle. The other is the European 'techno' line, from house to techno and all possible mixtures and related styles. Where these meet, jungle is the result. Jungle became especially known among musicians and fans via websites on the Internet, long before it received attention from the official channels. The program "Da Jungl Networking" featured DJ Nubian, Marc Mec & Dego: Jacob's Optical Stairway and Sounds and Images of Da Jungl.

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