Dani Ploeger presents: B-Hind (Finissage)

During Art Rotterdam, artist Dani Ploeger launched his revolutionary anal electrode-powered interface system. Due to the great succes of the launch, we decided to give the public another chance to witness this revolutionary product!

Feb 2020
18:00 to 21:00

B‒hind offers a unique Internet of Things (IoT) solution to fully integrate your sphincter muscle in everyday living. The revolutionary anal electrode-powered interface system replaces conventional hand and voice-based device interaction and enables advanced digital control rooted in the interiors of your body. Celebrating the abject and the grotesque, ‍B‒hind facilitates simple, plug-and-play access to a holistic body experience in the age of networked society.

Times and dates

February 14, 6 - 9 p.m.
Finissage with Dani Ploeger (during De Kunstavond - free entrance!). Live product presentations at 19h + 20h

February 8 - February 14
24/7 V2_Groundfloor window presentation



The ‍B‒hind interface consists of a hard- and software package that lets you interact with a domestic multimedia robot. Based on real-time, high-precision digital analyses of your anal sphincter muscle contraction patterns, the robot projects video and sound footage of the human anal canal and intestines onto the outside of your body and your living environment. The product will enable full immersion in aspects of embodied experience that are currently largely excluded from everyday life in digital culture: the beauty and joy of the fleshy and wet insides of the body. ‍B‒hind extends the world of IoT beyond the alienating experience of the clean and sterile logic of existing technologies. 

The journey of B‒hind started from frustration and an idea. Artist Dani Ploeger felt disappointed by the limited ways to interact with his digital devices. The fact that he could only control his smart technologies with his fingers and voice meant that he experienced an increasing alienation from his body, its inconsistencies and excretions. By analyzing the market, he found no solution that met his needs, which offered complete and easy access to a digitally-enhanced experience of abjection. So he imagined a new system based on the integration of domestic robotics and technologies for the treatment of faecal incontinence. B‒hind was formed through a cooperation between In4Art, an organisation aimed at increasing the impact of innovative art in society and economy, and V2_Lab for the unstable media, to develop Ploeger’s idea into a fully functional technology. 

Following two intensive years of R&D, we are now proud to launch our product at V2_ during Art Rotterdam 2020. Dani Ploeger will give live product demonstrations with prototypes. At the following press conference, the developers and investors will present their visions for a global commercial product launch, as well as future developments in applications and functionality.

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