Data Personalities

Workshop exploring the possibilities of representing the value of digital data of individual people which are stored in computers.

Oct 1999
Oct 1999
08:00 to 20:00
location: TENT, Witte de Withstraat 50. Rotterdam

As part of the cultural exchange program Kunst.NRW.NL The V2_Lab hosts a workshop with the artists Ulrike and David Gabriel for students from the TU Delft (faculty Industrial Design), TU Eindhoven (faculty Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Informatic and Stuium Generale), Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam and KHM, Köln. During the workshop, the students will work on an aRt&D (art research and development) commission about the possibilities of representing the value of digital data, which are stored in computers about individual people, in order to create a reflection or a personality in virtual space. The relevance of personal data as they are stored by computers in all sorts of administration contexts, is compared with personal, not quantifiable, wishes and desires. The research aim in the creation of an outline for a suitable reflection, instead of the mimetic representation of a person in virtual space. The workshop will close with a beta test party in virtual space.

Ulrike Gabriel will present her experience on this issue being part of the software development of Sphere the Dataspace. Furthermore, the artist will discuss the works of the students during the workshop. Bob O'Kane, David Link and Ulrike Gabriel were tutoring the workshops.

Lectures will be held by specialists working in the field of research on DataPersonalities: Pieter Jan Stappers, associate professor, Design Techniques IDEATE research at the TU Delft "User Interfaces, visualisation and behaviour" and John Blake, professor at the graduate and postgraduate programs at the  Willem de Kooning Academie, Institute for higher education in Art & Design in Rotterdam "Hyde & Seek".

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