DataWolk Hoeksche Waard

An AIR Workshop at DEAF98 connected to the project DataWolk Hoeksche Waard.

DataWolk Hoeksche Waard

Workshop AIR

Nov 1998
12:00 to 17:00
location: V2_Lab, Eendrachtsstraat 10

DataWolk HoekscheWaard (DWHW) is a project of ArchiNed, AIR Foundation and V2_Lab in collaboration with the Province of Zuid-Holland within the framework of the AIR Southbound event. DataWolk HoekscheWaard is an experimental Internet site about the landscape design for the Hoeksche Waard (an island) in relation to the Randstad and the Rhine-Schelde estuary. The site is aimed at designers, policy makers, administrators, inhabitants of the Rotterdam region and other interested parties.

In the DataWolk (DataCloud) anyone can join the discussion on landscape qualities in relation to urbanisation and mobility. On the DWHW site data is gathered by designers, policy makers and inhabitants. This information deals with specific locations on the Hoeksche Waard island. DWHW explores and documents the physical and non-physical contexts of the Hoeksche Waard and how these are interrelated, and makes this information accessible by applying methods and techniques from digital media.

During the workshop, led by Ted Krueger, various concepts of the interface for the DWHW were evaluated and compared to other interface solutions for multi-user environments dealing with processes of urbanisation.
Two lectures further elaborated on a number of essential elements of the DataCloud. Ted Krueger spoke from the perspective of the designer and explored the question of how virtual environments could contribute to this. His lecture was complemented by a presentation by artist Christian Hübler (Knowbotic Research). Hübler also spoke about the '10-dencies' project (a part of DEAF98), the non-hierarchical structure of which in particular showed similarities to the DataCloud. These presentations led to a final discussion on conceptual and editorial choices within the DataCloud project and their possible consequences.

Number of participants: 20
Background of participants: inhabitants Hoeksche Waard, architects, artists, policy makers (Province), representatives of several artists groups.

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