DEAF03 Media Academy Day

A day about media arts education at DEAF03.

DEAF03 Media Academy Day

DEAF03 Media Academy Day: Geert Lovink and Alex Adriaansens

Feb 2003
11:00 to 16:00
location: Pakhuis Las Palmas (Arena)

As digital media plays an ever increasing role within a broader range of academic faculties the space of media art education within the university also begins to expand and cross ever-new disciplinary borders. Confusion begins to grow regarding terms such as new and digital media, interactivity and screen or info culture. Within this we see an explosion of educational methodologies and structures that attempt to situate electronic media expression and theory within the academic streams of art, design and architecture through the formation of new departments and curricular structures.

The European Media Academy Day conference hosted by DEAF03 is aimed at creating a dialogue amongst institutions addressing the issue of the integration of new forms of artistic media practice within the academic context. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, experimental educational models are being tested, responding to transformations within the social, economic and cultural domain where communication media play such a crucial role. The increasing interplay between academic output and industry led needs, global design issues defining regional contexts and the challenge these pose to the autonomy of artistic and critical media discourse are also changing the relationship between media based programs within larger academic institutions. Is the media artist also an IT professional? To what extent does interdisciplinarity define the emergence of new aesthetic cultures and academic methodologies? How are these defined within the confines of traditional media and design faculties? How does education today deal with the dilemma of aesthetic originality within the constraints of vocational proficiency and the use of predetermined software packages?

Five academies and universities from across Europe chosen for their unique and innovative curricular models have been invited to this one day forum to present their programs and discuss their concepts and methodologies. Students will be invited to demonstrate their projects, illustrating the practical results of their courses while those creating the academic agenda will participate in a public panel to discuss their vision and strategy. By establishing the new vocabularies of media art and design education these players and institutions play a fundamental role in creatively influencing the future of our information and knowledge based society.


Nederlands / Dutch text

De ontwikkelingen binnen het kunstonderwijs op het terrein van digitale media zijn nog pril, maar laten reeds wel een explosie aan nieuwe educatiemodellen en -opvattingen zien. Zowel in Nederland als daarbuiten bieden steeds meer academies en universiteiten opleidingen aan op het gebied van mediakunst, mediadesign en mediatheorie. Daarbij worden experimentele onderwijsmodellen beproefd en wordt ingespeeld op transformaties in de sociale, economische en culturele sector waarin communicatiemedia een belangrijke rol spelen. Vijf academies en universiteiten uit binnen- en buitenland presenteren zich met innovatieve programma’s en zetten hun uitgangspunten en onderwijsmodel uiteen. Daarnaast tonen studenten hun projecten, zodat ook de 'good practice' die deze opleidingen voortbrengen zichtbaar wordt. Aansluitend vindt een debat plaats, waarin kunsteducatie en media in het licht van actuele maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen op het gebied van de informatie- en kennissamenleving kritisch onder de loep genomen worden.


Session 1 student presentations

11.00 - 11.15: V2_ welcome and introduction

11.15 - 13.30: media art & design as academic product - students present creative output

13.30 - 14.00: response and discussion

14.00 - 15.00: lunch

Session 2 panel

15.00 - 15.15: introductory statement

15.15 - 17.30: vision and strategy - panel featuring curriculum designers and directors

17.30 - 18.00: wrap up discussions, view to the future, conclusion

moderation: Geert Lovink
introductions: Stephen Kovats

Pelle Ehn (School of Communication and the Arts, Malmö)
Ralf Homann (Experimental Radio, Bauhausuniversität Weimar)
Marie-Louise Angerer (KHM, Köln)
János Sugár (Intermedia Dept., Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts)

This event will be streamed, and IRC moderated to allow for external online participation - chose server and join channel <#academy> to take part in the discussion!

For further information, please contact Stephen Kovats kovats@v2.nl


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