DEAF04 - Affective Turbulence

DEAF04 Dutch Electronic Art Festival - Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems

Nov 2004
Nov 2004
location: Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam

Affective Turbulence:

The Art of Open Systems

Under this title, the theme of DEAF04 focuses on the functioning of open and closed systems and what structures are emerging from them. One of the important sub themes in this event is the role of feelings as being the essence of actions that affect and influence these systems.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Cold War was no longer the defining element in our view of the world, euphoria about an open Europe and an open society was widespread. However, increasing globalization has demonstrated that the world as an open system entails more than being an open market. After 9/11, openness has become associated primarily with feelings of insecurity and is regarded as a threat to our own surrounding and identity.

During DEAF04, a number of provocative art projects will address current social, technological, political and cultural issues revolving around both open and closed systems. Within this thematic framework, DEAF04 presents interactive art as an open system continuously creating new relationships as a basic concept of interactive arts.

DEAF04 aims at an exchange between various disciplines such as art and science, and poses the questions as to how systems function, how they are designed, and how they are employed in art and culture, social settings, the economy and computer science.

DEAF04 will show projects concerning an interactive art that functions as an open affective system, as a means of calling forth feelings and making them visible, from the individual to the global level. During the festival, this interactive artistic approach will be expanded to other disciplines, towards a better understanding of the basic principles of interacting-on-feeling.

Feeling is the engine of our actions. It has recently been demonstrated that we never do anything purely rationally. This is true of almost every human action - we cannot make a decision without relying on feeling or intuition. Interactive art - art the viewer must do something to in order to make something out of it or have an experience - is an art of feeling. Every interactive work tries to entice its user to perform certain actions, in the hope that the work will thereby reorganize itself into an unforeseen coherence. Interactive art is by definition non-autonomous and organizes itself as an open system, which functions via the exchange of matter, energy and/or information with the environment (i.e. the visitor).


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