DEAF98 Digital Dive

The digital dive was a space at DEAF98 for presentations and workshops about network projects.

DEAF98 Digital Dive

DEAF98 Digital Dive

Nov 1998
Nov 1998
00:00 to 22:00
location: Theater Bonheur, Eendrachtsstraat 79/81

A series of on-line computers offered festival visitors the opportunity to explore selected 3D-on-line projects in a concentrated environment and to meet the artists who created these projects.


Digital Dive: criteria

Katja Martin, Andreas Broeckmann

The projects selected for the DEAF98 Digital Dive use the 3D-metaphor for designing and articulating the social/communicative and the technical processes and actions that take place in the 'data scape' (information bodies, data stream, data landscape, etc.).

Most other projects use the 3D-metaphor for building a spatial architecture (the user is placed in an interior space or between different houses, 'in a world'). Here the 3D-objects either symbolise the access to specific themes or contents (an entry hall and a concierge = index and thematic overview, etc.), or they are used as a backdrop for chat-based multi-user systems (blaxxun-solution ...). In both these cases, the 3D-metaphor is often unnecessary, and 2D-solutions are faster, simpler, and easier to use (The Palace).

On the whole, the 'harvest' of research in this field suggests that there is a definite need for critical debate about 3-dimensionality as a metaphor in online environments. The projects that the DD can present should not be seen as conclusive answers to this question, but as starting points for discussion. The DD therefore includes presentations of incompleted concepts and discussions between artists who are working on this question.

Evaluation Criteria

- relationship design/content
- dynamic data representation
- representation of users
- representation of user-action
- representation of technical processes
- representation of time
- representation and storing of time-based development /data-history
- communication possibilities
- interaction possibilities
- functionality (communication, database, process-flow, multifunctional,
- relationship functionality/project-content/project-design
- community-space/collaborative environment
- software design as open set of rules/ logical representation of
subjective decisions/actions/criteria/relations
- is the 3D metaphor useful/not necessary according to the concept?

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