DEAF_00 Symposium

Machine Times was the symposium of DEAF00.

DEAF_00 Symposium

DEAF_00 Symposium, day 2

Nov 2000
Nov 2000
12:00 to 18:00
location: Lantaren 1, Gouvernestraat 133

The DEAF_00 Symposium brought together an international group of scientists, theorists, artists and sociologists who presented and discussed their approaches to the phenomenon of time in an interdisciplinary field of art, performance, music, technology and society.

Machine Times took a close look at the role that time plays in the constitution of our technological reality.

Time was, for a long time, regarded as objective and continuous. More recently it has become clear that time is built into natural and technological processes at different 'speeds.' Time is produced by machinic processes and it is malleable through the interaction of machines. The
experience of time is a technological concept. Machine Times investigated the way in which time is built into technological and social systems, and presented artistic approaches to the manipulation, distortion and elimination
of time.

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