Destruction in Art

A lecture by Kristine Stiles (USA).

Destruction in Art

Kristine Stiles at Destruction in Art; photo: Hans van Dugteren

Nov 1990
20:00 to 21:30
location: V2_, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

Kristine Stiles lectures on the Durham university at the art department but is also an active artist herself. She wrote different books and articles on destruction in art. In 1991 her book on the "auto-destructive art symposium" will be published. This DIAS (destruction in art) event took place in London in 1996. Among the participants were: Yoko Ono, Herman Nitsch, Joseph Beuys, Peter Weibel, Vostell etc. Kristine Stiles will speak about destruction as a concept in art and she will refer to the destructive power of technology in this context.

(Text from the information booklet, 1990.)

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