DEV MAP Museumnacht

Presentation of DEV MAP at the Museum Night 2005, Rotterdam.

Feb 2005
Feb 2005
17:00 to 00:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

DEVMAP is an experimental online environment initially created as the augmented virtual meeting space for DEAF04 (Dutch Electronic Art Festival). Within the context of the DEAF04 theme - the Art of Open Systems - the first DEVMAP created an abstract real time intervention beyond the physical space of the actual event.

The completed networked project, developed by Workspace Unlimited, intends to explore the new forms of real-time communication which can be experienced along the boundaries between physical and perceptual realities. A fully interactive version of the project, which can be used by three visitors at the same time, is presented at V2_ on 26 February 2005 during the Rotterdamse Museumnacht.

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