DIY Ambient Intelligence

DIY Ambient Intelligence was a workshop led by V2_ at Altart in Cluj, Romania

Oct 2007
Oct 2007
location: AltArt, Cluj, Romania

V2_ has been invited to lead a three-day workshop at the AltArt organisation in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

AltArt is an organisation that contributes to the development of digital culture and to consolidating the cultural sector in Romania. V2_ will support AltArt in this mission by introducing Romanian artists with the basic use of sensor and actuator technology in a workshop on DIY Ambient Intelligence.

During the DIY Ambient Intelligence workshop, participants will be introduced to the basic use of sensor and actuator technology by creating their own ambient intelligence environment, an electronic environment that is sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Most interactive electronic artworks are Ambient Intelligence environments, because they sense and respond to people (using sensors and actuators).

To familiarise the workshop participants with such sensor and actuator technology, they will first each create a low-level sensor-actuator application, learning about basic electronic components and how to solder. After these low-level applications are realised, participants will scale these low-level applications up to an Ambient Intelligent environment, interfacing the low-level applications with modified household appliances.

As the workshop emphasis lies on feasibility for non-technical users, participants will mainly use low-threshold hardware (like Velleman kits and Arduino boards). Furthermore, the software (Python and Pure-Data) to drive the Ambient Intelligent environment with will be made accessible at any level of programming experience. By constructing such an Ambient Intelligent environment from the bottom up (starting with low-level individual applications), participants will gain hands-on experience with the basic technology underlying interactive electronic artworks.

Images of the workshop: http://www.flickr.com/photos/josos/1808361505/in/set-72157602807471596/

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