dot.nu - live cinema in motion #1

A "live cinema" program, in the context of the IFFR, with COH & Telco Systems and KODI & Tappo Kontakt.

dot.nu - live cinema in motion #1


Jan 2002
Feb 2002
location: Rotterdamse Schouwburg / Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam

At the 31st International Film Festival Rotterdam V2_Organisation, in collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Paradiso Amsterdam and the Production House of the Rotterdam Theatre will present dot.nu, "live cinema" in motion.

dot.nu is one of the driving forces behind the phenomenon of "live cinema", which focuses on various forms of live projections. The rise of VJ culture has led to a renewed interest in alternative ways of presenting projected images, and now developments in both hardware and software have made "live cinema" fact rather than fiction. After having provided an active platform for live cinema for over a year, dot.nu will now also support research into other forms of projection and experience.

At the invitation of dot.nu two unique performances will take place, combining:

COH (Ivan Pavlov, RUS) with Telco Systems (founders of 0010, minuszero, D:U:M:B and DLF, NL)

KODI (Nathalie Bruys, NL) with Tappo Kontakt (Remco Schuurbiers, D/NL).

Curated by V2_Store.

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