dot.nu - live cinema in motion #2

An edition with Bas van Koolwijk & Radboud Mens (NL), and Vita & Westerplatte (S), followed by the screening of Audio Visionen 2+ (A).

dot.nu - live cinema in motion #2

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May 2002
May 2002
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam / Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam

dot.nu presents live cinema, bringing together various forms of live projection combined with live music. dot.nu joins visual directors with musicians, in an effort to stimulate research into the interaction between image and sound.

Since 2000, visual director Bas Van Koolwijk and musician Radboud Mens have been exploring the interaction between image and sound. Their performances take shape as they take place, and a rehearsal to them is primarily an investigation into how digital imagery and sound language influence each other. Van Koolwijk applies video in order to work with abstract images as if he is waging a war on them. Mens mixes electronic signals and minimal techno in intoxicating, dub oriented pieces.

Vita is a solo project by Swedish musician Mikael Stavöstrand. He produces a remarkable form of techno, also known as click-techno, in which tight but modest techno rhythms are combined with all sorts of digital disruptions.

Westerplatte is the alias of the versatile artist Mateusz Herczka. His live video work is characterized by what he himself has dubbed "data corruption". Over the past few years Mateusz Herczka has been working mainly in Stockholm, producing video for dance performances.

Audio Visionen 2+ is a video compilation provides a survey of pioneering work by contemporary visual artists from Austria, all of whom are experienced multi-media producers.


Organized by: Paradiso and V2_.

With financial support of: Cultural Affairs City of Rotterdam, Ministry of Culture, Amsterdam Art Fund, VSB Fund, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund and the Culture Fund of the Bank of Dutch Cities.

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