dot.nu - live cinema in motion #4

With live performances by eni-less & TCW 23 (NL) and Ontayso (B); and the video presentation "20:21", based on the music of COH.

dot.nu - live cinema in motion #4

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Sep 2002
Sep 2002
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat , Rotterdam / Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam

dot.nu, live cinema in motion

dot.nu presents live cinema, bringing together various forms of live projection and live music.

live performances by:

eni-less & TCW 23 (NL)
Picture dis© - as the joint performance by eni-less and TCW 23 has been dubbed – is a reference to the aptly named ‘picture disc’, a vinyl record with a photographic image on it, usually of the artists themselves. Turntablist eni-less mixes records live into a sound track, while imagery artist TCW 23 mixes images live into a film track. Together, images and sounds thus create a narrative structure on the spot and the ultimate goal is to arrive at a live filmsoundtrack where images and sounds become one.

Ontayso (B)
Koen Lybaert, Esther Santoyo and Dave Vanderplas – members of Llips. and Starfish Pool − together make up Ontayso. At dot.nu they will give an advance performance of their first work Primer Memento, a darkly ambient sound track. Late 2002 an album will be released called Primer Memento Remix Project 2002. Ontayso will experiment live with supporting video.

video presentation:

20:21 is a video compilation that is based on the music of COH – the Russian musician Ivan Pavlov. He invited the duo Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov to create the images for his contribution to the series 20 Minutes to 2000. In 20:21 our antiquated data storage, both on paper and digital, is highlighted in a game of standstill and hyper speed. In passing, 20:21 also comments on our present electronic environment.

dot.nu V2_ can be seen on line at http://www.v2.nl/live
dot.nu Paradiso can be seen on line at http://www.fabchannel.com

With support of: Cultural Affairs City of Rotterdam, Ministry of Culture, VSB Fund, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund and the Culture Fund of the Bank of Dutch Cities.

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