Effective Altruism Rotterdam - Eating Meat Ethically?

This month we will discuss eating meat.

Nov 2019
19:00 to 21:00

For the past 100 years it has been a given for (almost) everyone. But is it moral? Should we not eat meat for ethical reasons? Is it something that is effective (to do the most good)? And, is there a way to have a deep conversation about this topic?

During this in-depth meetup we will discuss all of this.

We are delighted to announce that Willem Vermaat will be giving a presentation. In his presentation he will explain more about veganism and arguments for it.

After the presentation there will be room for discussion.

So join us for an interactive evening and lively discussion on the 6th of November.
from 19 to 21.
At V2_ (Eendrachtsstraat 10)

Bring a friend!

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