Evening of Tiny Mining

A week-long Tiny Mining self-study and observation retreat took place in various global locations with selected participants from 17th November (after the New Moon on the 15th of November). The results will be presented online during the Evening of Tiny Mining.

Nov 2020
18:00 to 21:00

Attend Evening of Tiny Mining

At 18.00 a new community site will be launched, exposing the results of the sweatshop and featuring the premier of Mine Yourself: A tutorial for Tiny Mining.

Find the community site here!

Tiny Mining Workshop

Participants received a tailored kit with diet and chelation provisions, alongside materials aiding in both the testing and the extraction of metals and minerals from within the human body. We devised and documented experimental protocols for improving extractive yields and facilitating testing procedures for the wider community. We explored the ethical and political implications of the negotiation of individual mining rights and claims and encouraged the construction of alternative belief systems, facilitating the adoption of Tiny Mining as a widespread cultural practice.

Tiny Mining

Tiny Mining is a mineral exploration co-operative and community committed to the open source exploitation of the interior of the human body for rare earth and other mineral resources. We provide resources and support for a growing community of tiny miners engaged in the DIY exploration of interior prospects. These resources are shared through (remote) community sweatshops, documentation and video tutorials.

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Martin Howse is the recipient of the Alex Adriaansens Residency. The project has been made possible through the generous support by Gemeente Rotterdam.

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