Evening of.. The People Speak

The People Speak is a London-based studio that creates tools to help the world to take itself over. Its projects all have one thing in common: they get people to talk, participate and engage creatively. It took place during DEAF2012.

Evening of.. The People Speak

event picture by Jan Sprij

May 2012
19:00 to 21:00
location: Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam

The cornerstone of democracy is participation. In current events, we can see the highs and the lows: elections can be bought or rigged, but people can also rise up against injustice. Action is required; complacency is not an option. Democracy is fragile, because it’s demanding. The People Speak will talk about fundamental aspects of democratic action with guests who’ve been active at the heart of the Arab Spring. Following a short roundtable discussion, we’ll play Who Wants to Be …?, a game show in which the audience asks the questions, comes up with the answers and sets the rules. A visual voting system and digital 'ideas pad' will allow a large audience to brainstorm, give feedback and generate incredible ideas together. Who Wants to Be …? is a model of direct democracy in miniature, showing us the problematics and potential of collective decision making.

With Saul Albert, Asma Hedi Nairi, Mikey Weinkove, Rick Sleiman, and Zsolt Balog.

Join us to discuss the issues at hand but then also take direct action that could result in... just about anything!

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