Exhibition ISEA / WDS

Two exhibitions. both part of DEAF94, presenting a state-of-the-art overview of electronic arts and culture.

Nov 1994
Nov 1994
09:00 to 19:00
location: Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133

This ISEA organized exhibition presents a state-of-the-art survey in the area of electronic arts in the Netherlands. The exhibition rooms in theLantaren/Venster theater are partly shared with WDS. WDS is responsible for varied "interactive consumer media". On the ISEA exhibition especially academies and institutions will present themselves here but also some autonomous artists. Several artists have made or compiled pieces especially for the Artificial Nature theme. With this exhibition, ISEA tries not only to give a survey of the Dutch situation vis-a-vis electronic art but also to effect a meeting between artists andinstitutions that are active in this area. Some of the programs running on the WDS part, like the "Doors of Perception" CD-ROM are part of the ISEA program.

 The exhibition is located in the foyer of the Lantaren 2 theater, in several "secret" rooms behind that and in the Venster 2 theater. The Lantaren 2 theater contains a labyrinth which leads back to the foyer. It will contain prints of 2D and 3D computer graphics, interactive installations, video tapes and some mixed media installations.

WDS gives with the exhibitions in Lantaren/Venster an idea of the state of the art on the multimedia field in relation to the theme "digital nature". On several systems (... CD-ROM, CD-i, Sega game-consoles) programs will be shown, that have a direct link with this theme, such as virtual reality and simulation games. The public can get involved with realtime simulations of reality. With this exhibition WDS doesn"t want to give an overview of the technical possibilities, but emphasises on the contents of multimedia. Multimedia is something you have to do yourself. This exhibition gives the public that chance. The exhibition rooms in theatre Lantaren/Venster are shared with ISEA. ISEA places, next to stills, several "interactive art installations". The exhibition takes place in the Foyer of Lantaren 2, in different "secret spaces" behind and in Venster 2.

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