Extended 3x3 - Cellout.me (Kunstavond)

During the Kunstavond Jeroen van Loon presents his work Cellout.me, entrance is free.

Sep 2016
16:00 to 16:00
Extended 3x3. Jeroen van Loon - Cellout.me 
- selling an artist’s full genome: 380 gb of personal DNA data. 

This month we’re giving some extra attention to Jeroen van Loon’s Cellout.me, the work that has been exhibited online, during 'Kunst aan de Schinkel' and in Centraal Museum Utrecht. 
The auction for the full dna genome of the artist will end on the 27th of September. A good reason to put it in the spotlight one last time. Until the end of the month Cellout.me will be visible as window exhibition at V2_ and Jeroen van Loon will be present at V2_ every Friday during the Kunstavond. 
On the last evening of bidding everyone is invited to drop by and have some drinks with Jeroen van Loon.
More information on the project: http://www.cellout.me

Jeroen van Loon will be present on the following dates:
09/09/2016    3x3: the Three of Jeroen van Loon
16/09/2016    Kunstavond
23/09/2016    Kunstavond  

27/09/2016    Closing drinks

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