FEATURES: Cool Media Hot Talk Show

Presentation fo the Cool Media Hot Talk Show project.

Apr 2007
15:45 to 16:30
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10

“Cool Media Hot Talk Show” is a series of D.I.Y. talk shows, where the public proposes and selects the topics, speakers, questions, and determines the final scenarios of the show. It will combine the popular format of the talk show with a new approach to how such shows are made technically and programmed content-wise. “Cool Media Hot Talk Show” aims at reversing the very format of the public discourse provided by mass media, with their “one-to-many” formula, where one journalist, editor, or editorial board decides what, how, and whom to ask. The idea of the project is to provide the interface, the space and the facilities for people to engage freely and directly into the very process of making public media discourse following the formulas “many-to-one” and “many-to-many”.


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