Feminism and AI Realism: Imagining an Alternative Future

On Thursday June 4, the fourth Feminism and AI Realism Meetup will take place through the Jitsi platform.

Jun 2020
20:50 to 21:30

Feminism and AI Realism: Imagining an Alternative Future

In his book Capitalist Realism - is there no Alternative? Mark Fisher writes how there seems to be not just a widespread sense that capitalism is the only viable political and economic system, but that it has actually become impossible to imagine any coherent alternative to it.

Similarly, AI Realism is the inability to imagine alternative futures for Artificial Intelligence. While the regulation and reform of AI is endlessly discussed, there are few suggestions of revolutionary alternatives, including not using AI at all. How can AI become an opportunity for radical transformation, promoting inclusiveness instead of intensifying existing segregation?

With the current health crisis spreading globally, old technological, economic and healthcare systems are collapsing. Where before it seemed impossible to imagine an alternative to these reigning systems - now a radical kinship and politics of care are sprouting up everywhere. A window of opportunity arises for feminist strategies to take over. Instead of hierarchy, obsessive cost efficiency and individualization we can put front and center our capacities to care, to nurture, to protect each other and practice community


Outcomes of the discussions will be shared in a later stage! If you are interested in the subject feel free to send an e-mail to sieta@v2.nl

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