GATC / life at Erasmus MC

On the occasion of the official opening of the Erasmus Center for Bioinformatics, the Center's I-space will be taken into use, a facility for 3-D interactive projections of genomics and proteomics data and clinical imaging techniques.

Mar 2005
14:00 to 16:30
location: Erasmus MC Faculty Building, Lecture Hall 5, Rotterdam

In a collaboration between V2_ and Erasmus MC, the digital artist/architect Sonia Cillari and sound artist Edwin van der Heide will present the art project GATC / life, which explores the I-space's interactive projection potential, during the official opening of the Erasmus Center for Bioinformatics.

Erasmus MC is the first university medical center to install an I-space (a CAVE ™ -like virtual reality system) for both clinical and research applications.

The I-space enables researchers to explore vast amounts of genomics and proteomics data in an infinite three dimensional world. It also presents clinicians with new ways to investigate datasets from all kinds of 3D imaging modalities, ranging from 3D ultrasound for prenatal diagnosis to functional MRI for molecular imaging. The I-space makes it possible to discover relations and structures that would go unnoticed when using conventional software tools on regular 2D computer screens.

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