GLOBAL BENDING: Harmonizing Instability - Cultural Globalisation between East and West

Presentation about media art in China, part of DEAF07.

Apr 2007
12:00 to 14:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10

Does contemporary art in China seek to recreate the conditions of Western cultural, political and aesthetic discourse? This generalisation allows to both fuel an art market aimed at Western galleries as well as to formalise the misinterpretations of Chinese modernism. As technologies become transnational and homogenizing forces, is there space for a creative and aesthetic vocabulary unique to China? Western centric views still hold, yet the Chinese pursuit of political and cultural transformation is unique to its own history. Is there harmony to be found in the cacophony of cultural globalisation?

Moderator: Tian Sun (CN), editor and cultural theorist, Shanghai

Respondent: Rob van Kranenburg. Bricolabs, Eperience Design HKU, free lance innovation theorist.

Fu Ge (CN), journalist, art and culture editor of Nanfang Weekend
Angelica Schmitt (DE), media theorist
Pi Li (CN), curator and media theorist, Beijing

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