Godenschemering Nr. 2

A participatory performance finalizing the project "Godenschemering II" by Horst Rickels and Elvira Wersche.

Godenschemering Nr. 2

Event Poster - photo: Jan Sprij

May 1985
19:30 to 21:55
location: Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

Godenschemering Nr. 2 consisted of an installation, made of glass fragments arranged into objects on the walls and floor, as well as an extended organ – where the organ pipes were connected via tubes to a central operating 'keyboard.' The project was seen as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

After a week-long preparation, Godenschemering II was concluded on May 4 with a participatory performance during the total eclipse of the moon. This was seen by the artists as a 'solemn renewed consecration' of recently restored St. Jan's cathedral. In contrast to St. Jan's, where the visitor is being encouraged to submission, in Godenschemering, the artists Horst Rickels and Elvira Wersche had used the architecture, and prepared the light and sound in such a way that the audience became a conscious part of the experience, and interpretation of the work.

One week later, recordings for a cassette-release V208 - De 12 Apostelen were being made.


Nederlands / Dutch text

Expositie en muziekuitvoering van Horst Rickels en Elvira Wersche. Protest tegen het 'Jaar van de Muziek' met de restauratie van de Sint Jan (Den Bosch), in het kader van "de Week van het Geruis", georganiseerd door Huub ten Hacken (organist of the Sint Jan).

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