Hands-on AI meetup

Meetup intended for technologists, artists and anyone else who is interested to work with AI tech.

Hands-on AI meetup

Bieber as a classical statue

Apr 2017
17:30 to 19:30
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10

In the past few editions there was some nice progress on various topics, would be great to get a few presentations about this. As usual: bring your laptop!

Please use the Slack team to update each other on your progress, also for people who couldn't make it.

There will be time for some short presentations, please let Jan Misker jan@v2.nl know if you want to present.

Doors open: 19.15
Start: 19.30 
Close: ~21.30

Everybody interested in getting hands-on with Artificial Intelligence is welcome for this meetup, but please indicate on Facebook or Meetup if you plan to attend, so we know how many chairs and tables we need.

To get more involved, check out the Slack and GitHub. You can ask jan@v2.nl for an invite for the Slack.

Please sign up at Facebook or Meetup so we have a bit of an idea about turnout.

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