Hands-On AI Meetup - 20171107

Reboot of the meetups, intended for technologists, artists and anyone else who is interested to work with AI/ML technology. Short presentations by Fako Berkers and Coralie Vogelaar.

Hands-On AI Meetup - 20171107

Image courtesy Jan Bijster

Nov 2017
18:30 to 20:30
location: V2_

In this meetup we will have two short presentations, and plenty of time for discussion and getting hands-on.

Coralie Vogelaar is a visual artist conducting systematic studies revealing mechanisms happening in our visual culture. This evening she will talk about a new work – in the making – on the subject of emotion recognition from an algorithmic point of view, resulting in non-verbal communication between two chat bots in an uncanny way.

Fako Berkers will present his project De Debat Kijker. The goal of this project is to map out stances people have in different debates. He will show his first results, explain how I get those results and point out some do's and don'ts when using deep learning.

Jan Bijster works with a small team on a mobile casual sport game. Instead of controlling the player, you teach the player to play by itself. During the training phase you control the the player and score goals, while your control actions form the input to a neural network being trained in the background. In the match phase the neural network controls the player and you are a spectator.

If you want to present as well, or have other questions, please contact Jan Misker jan@v2.nl.

Doors open: 19.15
Start: 19.30
Close: ~21.30

Everybody interested in getting hands-on with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is welcome for this meetup, but please indicate on Facebook or Meetup if you plan to attend, so we know how many chairs and tables we need.

To get more involved, check out the Slack and GitHub. You can ask jan@v2.nl for an invite for the Slack.

Please sign up at Facebook or Meetup so we have a bit of an idea about turnout.

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