Hands-on AI Meetup - 20180116

Discussion about the performance “Het maken van een ik”, and making plans for 2018.

Hands-on AI Meetup - 20180116

Het maken van een ik

Jan 2018
18:00 to 21:00
location: V2_

The first part of the evening will consist of performances of “Het maken van een ik”, by Joris Albeda. Please note that these are single person experiences and you need to make a reservation beforehand. More info: http://v2.nl/events/het-maken-van-een-ik

Around 20.00 the public part of the evening will start. Joris will present the underlying concept of his theatrical piece, and we can make some plans for how to proceed with the meetup series in 2018. 

There is still possibility to share about your project. Please contact Jan Misker jan@v2.nl if you want to give a short presentation about an AI/ML project you are working on.


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