Hands-on-AI Meetup: Summer 2019

In this edition we discuss various projects that are currently being developed at V2_Lab, in the Summer Sessions, and elsewhere. Of course there will be plenty of time to enjoy a drink and discuss your own perspectives on AI and ML.

Hands-on-AI Meetup: Summer 2019

A critical perspective on a summer afternoon at the beach. (AttnGAN via Runway)

Aug 2019
19:30 to 22:00
location: V2_Lab

The summer edition of our semi-regular hands-on Artificial Intelligence meetup. 
doors open at 19.30
program starts at 20.00


The Critical AI Manifesto is a platform on which you can construct your own manifesto about the role of Artificial Intelligence in society, by picking from a set statements to add them to your manifesto and re-ordering them. This project is in the starting phase, in a collaboration between V2_Lab, Jerry Galle and Jerry EstiƩ. The set of statements will be expanded, and we want to use this evening to start the discussion and come up with more statements. You can already start with your own Critical AI manifesto

Computer Says No: V2_Lab invites Rotterdam based artists and makers to come up with absurd scenarios that expose how unrestricted categorization leads to AI: Artificial Inequality. An example of such a scenario is a Hipster Bar by Max Dovey. A selection of these ideas will be invited for a mini-residency leading to a Test_Lab presentation. In this meetup we will explain a bit more about the program and will be available to respond to your initial ideas. 

TeleAgriCulture: Rhizomatic Bias: What happens if biotopes start chatting to each other using social network communication models? TeleAgriCulture: Rhizomatic Bias, aims to explore how bias grows in machine learning and intelligent systems. Through a digital network three aquaponic systems are allowed to learn about each other and communicate via light and sound with one another.

Several artists who are part of the Summer Sessions are also working with Machine Learning, they will introduce their projects as well. For example Tengchao Zhou is generating rocks using 3d generative machine learning algorithms. One of the algorithms he uses is 3D-GAN, which inputs and outputs voxelized 3d models.

Timo Hoogland and Jonathan Reus will present some results of the recent MIMIC artist summer workshop at Sussex University. The EMUTE lab at Sussex is part of a consortium of music technology research institutes working together to develop live-coding environments enabling artists to use machine learning systems. More info: https://github.com/mimic-sussex


If you want to present your project, let Jan Misker <jan@v2.nl> know.

Please click attend on Facebook or Meetup so we can take out enough chairs.

Image: "A critical perspective on a summer afternoon at the beach." (AttnGAN via Runway)

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