Hands-on AI Meetup Summer Edition

The summer edition of our semi-regular hands-on Artificial Intelligence meetup, save the date, stay tuned for program details.

Aug 2018
17:30 to 19:30

The summer edition of our semi-regular hands-on Artificial Intelligence meetup. 
doors open at 19.30
program starts at 20.00

Two artists in this year's Summer Sessions at V2_ are using techniques and concepts from Machine Learning. They will present the current state of their project, and are eager to discuss feedback on it.

Ollie Palmer - City symphony

A project developing software which makes music from the everyday sounds of the city. A series of microphones placed around a city listen for interesting sounds which form new musical compositions.

Boris Kourtoukov - Machines that Judge Us

A series of small, identical, machines observe humans moving within a space. One person becomes their focus once a machine singles them out. Each machine makes judgements on how valuable these person would be, purely based on visual appearance.

Through audible dialogue Machines that Judge Us aims to manifest the thought process within tracking and policing algorithms. The human-like mannerisms in these conversations make it apparent that if such judgements were made by fellow humans, they would be the clear villains in our society. With the hope of eliciting anger toward these algorithms and the entities that make use of them.

Of course there will be plenty of time to discuss other people's projects as well, let Jan Misker know if you want to show something.

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