Hidden Track

"Hidden Track" is a multimedia bus ride between Rotterdam and Eindhoven. This project by the artist collective e-Xplo (US/DE) is an audio-visual experience responsive to its surroundings. A co-production by ART IN OUTPUT and DEAF03.

Hidden Track

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Feb 2003
Mar 2003
location: Pakhuis Las Palmas, Wilhelminakade 66 (Kop van Zuid)

e-Xplo develops maps, routes, sound and film materials as reflections of a multifaceted investigation into location, context, social identity, landscape, and the public space of information. Each work proposes distinct but related topics, thus focusing on specific issues for concrete places while searching for broader insights.

In Hidden Track, e-Xplo develops further the concepts for a navigable cinema, a film that one could drive or drift through. In this case, a bus ride connecting the cities of Eindhoven and Rotterdam, becomes the location for a work about a future and a past, a time, a place, and an architecture long past or still to come, and the (discursive and physical) structures that may one day rest in-between these two cities. To achieve a high level of precision in connecting sound to the unfolding images outside the bus, e-Xplo with help from the Technical University of Eindhoven, programming by Carlo Prelz, and development with Evert Van Der Poll has created Korin. Korin is a system which allows e-Xplo to take their scripted sound and text composition and relate it to specific coordinates, places, headings or movements. Using data from a Global Positioning System located on board the bus and the score developed by e-Xplo, Korin is then able to determine which sounds should or should not be played. Still, it would be misguiding to expect that the trip might reveal anything similar to objective knowledge, hard facts. The highways between Rotterdam and Eindhoven connecting the two festivals ART IN OUTPUT and DEAF03 instead serve as the launching-pads for a sci-fi story, or maybe more precisely a sci-fi road-movie.

The special arrangement, on February 26, 27 and 28 (3pm and 11pm), includes a return trip, a visit to the exhibition ART IN OUTPUT, a buffet and the musical theater Chinese Whispers. A simple arrangement, which only includes the bus tour from Rotterdam to Eindhoven takes place on March 1 and 2 (3pm). This project is part of Museumnacht 2003.

Hidden Track by e-Xplo (2003) from V2_ on Vimeo.

Hidden Track is a project by the artist collective e-Xplo (NYC/Berlin), developed with the assistance of Eindhoven Technical University. Korin, the program being used for this tour was written by Carlo E. Prelz. Additional programming and technical engineering provided by Evert Van Der Poll. Hidden Track is a co-production of ART IN OUTPUT and DEAF03.


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