Community MeetUp: How to Stay Human in an Infosphere

V2_ Community presents the community event 'How to Stay Human in an Infosphere'.

Jul 2016
17:00 to 21:00
location: V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL, Rotterdam

How to stay human in An infosphere

Some thinkers predict that in the foreseeable future every person will be digitally connected to all other entities. Already today we as humans are creating an enormous (nearly) invisible digital network that stores gigantic amounts of data and uses this data to form connections. The common term to describe this network, that exists on top of our existing biosphere, is 'infosphere'. This infosphere is ever expanding and already demands a lot of our attention and resources.
How will this ever expanding infosphere influence our privacy, our health and our inner selves? How will we stay human in an infosphere?
Five young artists will reflect on this theme through their work, that they will present during the evening. Complementary to the presentations the works will also be presented in an exhibition setup. A panel consisting of Hans de Zwart (chairman Bits of Freedom), Marjolein Lanzing (tech philosopher) and Ruben Pater (designer Untold-Stories) will discuss the works and have a short debate, the audience is of course invited to participate in this debate. 
The evening is curated by Leon Baauw, who is graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy with ‘Project KOVR’. A wearable way to protect you and your data from the possible consequences of the info sphere.


19.00h: Walk-in
19.30h: Introduction
20.00h: Presentations
21:15h: Outroduction
21:30h: Drinks
Free entrance!

Speakers, Panel & Host

Leanne Wijnsma - The Smell of Data
Erik van der Veen - Robot Psychology Lab 
Hendrike Nagel - iYoga
Leon Baauw - Project KOVR
Vera van de Seyp - Connected Ad Absurdum

Hans de Zwart - Chairman Bits of Freedom
Marjolein Lanzing - Tech philosopher 
Ruben Pater - Designer Untold-Stories

Nancy Hoffmann - Art historian/critic 

Community Meetup

V2_ launched the V2_Community initiative in order to connect the many artists, hackers, tinkerers, inventors and philosophers in our network and see how V2_ can provide a platform to grow, experiment, prototype and share work. The V2_Community Meetup is a chance to share what is going on in your practice in order to get feedback, ideas, and the support to take the next step. It also provides an informal setting to meet up every now and then, share a cocktail and some good old fashioned ‘gezelligheid’. If you are interested in taking part or contributing in one of our community meetups get in touch with Alex Falk, our community catalyst (alex.falk@v2.nl)

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