Hyena Days

A concert by Steina Vasulka and Michael Saup, during the Manifestation 4 festival.

Hyena Days

Hyena Days; photo: Jan Sprij

Sep 1992
22:00 to 22:00

In this concert, Michael Saup's guitar and Steina Vasulkas violin manipulated an image player, computer graphics and other sources of images and sound, through midi signals.

Steina Vasulka let a dancer -- recorded on video -- perform an impossible dance, manipulated by her violin. The interaction between devices and the musicians made it possible to control loudness, rhythm, pitch, images and sound, and to make an audiovisual composition. The images were projected on screens; the performance was an explosion of manipulated images and sounds, emphasizing the time element in this concert; it seemed as if all images and all sounds were continuously present.

Media co-designers: Woody Vasulka, Julian Boyd and William Neckel.

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