IFFR at V2_: Black Rebels

During the International Film Festival Rotterdam V2_ will show works by Keith Piper and Tirzo Martha.

Jan 2017
Feb 2017
10:00 to 19:30

During the International Film Festival Rotterdam V2_ will be part of and show works of the sub-programme 'Black Rebels', the other part of which will be shown in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. V2_ will show the following works:

Keith Piper - Robot Bodies
Robot bodies is an an interactive gallery based installation exploring themes of racial metaphor within popular science fiction. This project is part of a body of research expanding the scrutiny of popular science fiction into the fields of post-colonial studies and developing discources around ‘Afro-futurism’, encoding and ‘CyberEbonics’.
Tirzo Martha - Testament Of Hope And Failure
The works of Tirzo Martha center around the dominant social and political structures in the Carribean community as well as the Curaçao community. With his work Testament Of Hope And Failure Martha creates an altar of different attempts, illusions and failures of a figure that considered himself a saint, hero and beacon of hope to others as well as to himself. 
Time & Entrance
26 January - February 4, 11.00h - 20.30h (Opening January 26, 19.00h - 20.00h). Entrance is free.
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