Industrial films

From the Philips Archive in Eindhoven, a selection of hi-tech films from the 50s, shown at the Manifestation for the Unstable Media 2.

Industrial films

photo: Jan Sprij

Nov 1988
19:00 to 21:00
location: V2, Aawal 2a, 's Hertogenbosch

Several films from the archives of Philips were shown, mostly from the 19050s featuring music by composers such as Ivens, Raaijmakers, and Varèse. Amongst others Poème Electronique and Symphonie Industrielle.

According to Joke Brouwer both a B&W copy and a color copy of Poème Electronique were retrieved from the Philips archive. The B&W copy had sound, the color copy was silent, on this night the color copy was shown with the sound form the B&W copy.

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