Innovation in Extreme Scenarios: Lecture, Re-enactment

A London event on 'Innovation in Extreme Scenarios'.

Innovation in Extreme Scenarios: Lecture, Re-enactment

Photo: John Nussey

Nov 2014
13:30 to 15:30
location: Makerversity, London


A lively re-enactment of a famous lecture by C.P. Snow along with a lecture revealing key insights into innovation and creativity, followed by a moderated discussion: all in London, featuring Michelle Kasprzak (Curator, V2_), Boris Debackere (Head of V2_Lab), and Giles Lane (Proboscis).

In our liquid society, a global obsession with innovation has reached an all-time peak. Human inventiveness has a history of today’s good ideas leading to tomorrow’s problems. Often, new waves of innovation help address the challenges presented by previous ones – leading to a model that has over time successfully led to radical improvements. But is the model sustainable, or does unrestrained technological innovation create more problems than it solves? Could innovation, as we understand and practice it today, becomes a metaphorical Hydra that grows ever more destructive with each attempt to tame it?

The real challenge is shaping technological progress to be responsive to human needs, desires, and creativity in an increasingly complex, interconnected, and technology-savvy world -- while supporting sustainable progress. Our event begins with a presentation commenting on these issues through primary research and case studies to interrogate what the contemporary locus of action for true innovation is. Insights revealed by the primary research conducted as part of the Innovation in Extreme Scenarios project conducted by V2_Lab will be shared, which has so far gathered data from field research in the US, Canada, Hungary, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Following this 30 minute introduction to our research, a re-enactment of "The Two Cultures", a famous lecture given by C.P. Snow in 1959 will be performed. This lecture was one of the prestigious Rede lectures, and it is still referred to today as a touchstone of understanding of the differences (and similarities) between the arts and sciences, and the impact that this division has on the problem-solving capabilities of our society. This will be followed by a 30 minute discussion on the context of innovation and research gathered to date as part of the Extreme Scenarios project.

Makers, thinkers, and tinkerers of all stripes are warmly welcomed. If the terms “innovation” and “creativity” are part of your landscape, whether you view them as tiresome buzzwords or meaningful terms, you'll want to join us for this stimulating afternoon of discussion and analysis of current conditions and timeless concerns.

More info: www.craftscouncil.org.uk/listings/innovation-in-extreme-scenarios-lecture-re-enactment-and-qa/

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